A brief history

Months and years are documented by Mekarian standards, as their calendar was the first reliable means of tracking time. Followed by “FC,” which stands for “Following Creation,” Mekarians roughly esitmate 500 years had passed since Creation judging by ancient carvings and the average age of a generation. It’s accepted that the estimation is off by several decades at least, 500 being too round a number, but with with the calendar and date now universally accepted, modifying it and seeing it universally adopted is impossible, even if the exact time of creation was known.

0 – Creation

500 – Mekarians begin accurately recording dates, calendar widely accepted in their lands.

793 – Mekarians encounter first new people, the Volrunne.

856 – Mekarians discover and chart most of Articia. All other races encountered.

1012 – Modern sorcery developed. Much strife as powerful sorcerers abuse their powers.

1026 – Mage Wars. “Witchcraft” banned.

1252 – Dragon Wars: Led by secret magic societies, the humans of Volrunne defeat the dragons. Modern dragonblood began to appear.

1282 – The Awakening: The magic societies open their doors to anyone, and strict study of magic begins anew.

1533 – The war on Necromancy. As magic was in its infancy, little was known of the elements, and people were fearful of the concept of dark magic; such mages were killed off in massive numbers.

1547 – The Maritek wars: despite not being necromancy, the Maritek arts of animating objects was percieved in the same way; they too were systematicaly killed.

1592 – The Maritek Schism: A group splintered from the fleeing and in-hiding Maritek. These Myrtek intigrated themselves into society, and unlike the predominantly human Maritek, the Myrtek came to accept any race that seemed talented in their art. The Myrtek are still in hiding, and exist only in rumor from old Maritek stories of the past.

1673 – Explorers encountered Maritek cities and marveled in their incredibly advanced culture, as they didn’t reject enchanting.

1685 – Mekaria officially begins courting the Maritek to share their enchanting techniques. Volrunne follows suit. The Maritek refuse, but allow citizens to work “for hire.” To this day, Maritek do not take apprentices outside their bloodlines (which have since been expanded to many races) and will not let others use their creations.

1707 – Volrunne discovers Kreatia; begins exploration and settlement.

1722 – Mekaria discovers Arazari; marvels at their technology, and shifts from Maritek focus to their “crystal-engine” technology. Arazari, an isolationist people, kick the Mekarians from their lands, but not before some of their technology is stolen.

1792 – Call to Arms! Arazari, pushed to the brink of annihilation by sudden attacks by a new race, the Drow, force them to seek aid from Articians. Mekaria, holding a grudge, offers no military support. Mercenaries flock to Arazari at the prospect of fame and fortune, and explorers rush to the now opened country.

A brief history

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