The Arazari are a wizened race that look much like humans, but possess exotic hair colors from standard blonds to browns, to even wild shades of greens, reds, and blues. Their eye color can vary as much, and their skin can be porcelain white to a deep brown. An Arazar can be spotted pretty easily simply because of their striking skin, eye, and hair colors.

Arazari were widespread, even more so than the humans, on their own continent that shares their name. However, once the Drow struck, their numbers greatly dwindled.

By nature, the Arazari are a cerebral folk. They have dulled emotions, and take everything seriously and with consideration. They are also very polite, and very good with words. While they have dulled emotions, they delight in feeling them, and thus take art and music quite seriously. A moved Arazar is a great compliment to any artist or composer. Even a passive compliment from an Arazar is a big deal to anyone who crafts, since Arazari don’t give compliments flippantly, but will rather state facts.

Arazari are also fond of puzzles and riddles. An Arazari will puzzle over something endlessly, not listening to another puzzle or riddle until the first is solved. It is not uncommon to hear an Arazar blurt out an answer cheerfully and with relief, once their mind has figured it out. The sense of “eurika” can bind Arazari socially, and because of this, Arazari are the leaders of crystal-engine technology and engineering in general.


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