Brothers and Sisters

The Brothers and Sisters are a female-dominated people. Within their own lands, it is likely to hear them refereed to as simply “the Sisters.” They worship the sun, and are a very primitive people.

They never developed a proper name for their kind, simply referring to themselves as brothers or sisters, and the usage has bled to the other races. They are sometimes called catfolk, though such usage is considered unintelligent or derogatory.

While the society is female dominant in terms of politics, the men are relied upon as their warriors. Respect and pecking order is important to them, and disputes are almost always solved in combat. Ranks within backs are decided by combat, and leaders are referred to as Alphas.

While the vast majority of Brothers and Sisters have cat-like appearances, ever so often one is born with wolf-like features. These children are considered aberrations, and some tribes will kill them at birth, but influence from other races has caused many tribes to simply expel the child and the parents (as they must be of tainted blood) from the tribe.

Such wolf-born children often grow up resentful, as their parents are likely to consider them the reason for their banishment throughout their youth. Most wolf-born encountered (rare as they are) seek acceptance in other societies, and are fiercely loyal to those that accept them. They still possess a strong sense of respect in strength, and only follow those that can best them or whom they sense strength from, be it physical or mental.

While all Brothers and Sisters are considered primitive and brutish, it is merely a result of their primitive tribes. Brothers or Sisters that find themselves in another rough competitive environment, will adapt as needed; Brothers and Sisters can become fierce mages or scholars if they are pressured by another they think they can best.

Brothers and Sisters

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