Changelings operated in secret for centuries, easing conflicts and infiltrating military circles to prevent as much bloodshed as possible in other racial affairs. By nature, Changelings abhor conflict and are peaceful, and seek to make the world as diplomatic as possible. During the military expansion of Mekaria, the Changelings are responsible for assassinating the leaders of the small villages that wouldn’t fall under Mekarian control, wanting to prevent otherwise senseless slaughter.

The Changelings did their best to prevent the Dragon Wars, but could only shift into humans; the dragons too large a body. Only able to manipulate one side, and given the Dragon’s natural violence, war was inevitable. the Changelings since have done their best to see that the Dragonblood that survived the war would be integrated into the rest of the world in a peaceful manner.

Despite their slant for preventing war and conflict, that isn’t to say Changelings are an exclusively good race; Changeling culture is all about the “greater good,” and some Changelings take things too far. Some radical Changelings have brought up conquering and ruling every race. If everyone is under one banner, there is no need for war. Changelings, being able to shift form, have an advantage at being able to adopt many lifestyles, where wise Changelings understand the other races are stuck in their own cultures and lifestyles, and they must respect their need to be individuals.

Changelings rarely venture outside their own societies. When they do, they must swear not to reveal themselves or their people, or else their work to bring order to the world will be in vain. However, with the drow wars brewing, Changeling societies are encouraging all their best soldiers, mages, and assassins to head north and stop the drow menace one and for all. The Changeling to acquire Laxia’s head would become a hero for all Changelings, and hundreds seek that honor.


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