The drow, being a first-born race, existed for many years. However, birthed from the goddess of darkness, they lived well below the surface of Arazari.

The drow are a female-dominant society, with men often performing menial work. Even the drow armies are formed of all women. Appearance is culturally important to them, and because of this, even their warriors are lightly armored. To compensate, they developed many spells and spell-weaved armor to give them an edge. As their way of life is dominated by the use of magic, it is something the drow take to naturally.

The drow for the longest time were ruled by Queen Laxia. She kept to herself, and constantly expanded the drow within the Underworld. Eventually, some say she went mad, as she came to prepare to take the surface world. The drow abhor light, and were hesitant to follow their queen. Sensing her peoples disdain for her plans, she withdrew herself from the public eye for decades. She resurfaced some time later with aberrations by her side; strange drow that were infused with aspects of plant and insect, and completely loyal to her. She unleashed the concoction responsible for the transformation of her servants upon her people, and took full control over all the drow under punishment of becoming one of her mindless “Drowspore.”

The drow broke through to the surface, and their intense numbers overwhelmed the people above: The Arazari. Although the drow campaign was highly successful, members of the drow, especially men who grew tired of female rule, defected from Laxia’s people and sought sanctuary within Arazari cities. Once it was clear these drow were defecting and not enemies, the Arazari took full advantage of these drow traitors’ knowledge, and launched a counter-offensive, targeting their underground supply camps.

These drow became known as Knives, derived from “my enemy’s knife,” an Arazari expression used for when one uses an opponents weapon against them. They are still reviled in many Arazari cities, but accepted. Drow are not allowed near any military structures however, and are often confined to refugee camps. However, with the Arazari military spread so thin and losing numbers, Knives are called upon as mercenaries.


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