The Dwarves are an isolationist race, if only because they don’t have the need to explore that the humans seem to have. It wasn’t until humans bargained for their minerals they would mine that they began to leave their homelands to sniff out the humans stonework to see how they measure up. Finding how pitiful their ale was gave them a secondary means to exploit humans.

While their history is rather bland, they are a people rich in tradition. Loyalty to their people and king is key to them. Ancestry is equally important, and almost everything dwarven is handed down, or branded with the names or places of their ancestors in their runic language. All Dwarven artwork is steeped in history and tradition, which is why they butt heads with Thygrae so often; while Thygrae create art that is mostly aesthetic, all dwarven art is rich with meaning, history, and respect for their forefathers.

Dwarves take it upon themselves to show other races “how its done,” and have established breweries and stone-cutting business all over the map. To their chagrin however, Thygrae wine is incredible, though they would never admit it. Once pulled from their homelands, Dwarves have since become engrossed with architecture, and many leave their lands simply to study and learn from other cultures, rather than impose their admittedly superior construction techniques. After all, sometimes style and aesthetics is important, even if not in a technical sense.

Mekaria in particular has welcomed Dwarves, calling upon them to design their military keeps, as well as their talent for building mundane contraptions to help reverse-engineer Arazari crystal-engines.


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