Halfling history is vague. They rarely write anything down, being a nomadic folk, and carry their history orally. Travelling in caravans, following roaming herds of wildlife, the Halflings live off the land and establish temporary settlements all over the eastern plains.

Halflings consider storytelling and music very important, and have a rich history of folk music and tall tales. Because they travel about, they’ve bumped into several races. They get along great with elves, find the humans exploitation of the land worrisome, and enjoy trading with the primitive Brothers and Sisters, who also possess a rich oral history.

Halflings are cheerful, optimistic, and daring. When a halfling comes of age, many are forced out of the caravan. Many halflings wander about, living a rich life, and returning to the caravan at an old age to share their adventures. Others find outside life fascinating, and settle down despite their cultural background. The majority though return to raise a child, wizened with the life-lessons they’ve picked up.

Despite that being caravan tradition, as halflings have spread over the world, it is no longer safe to assume a halfling is a “Traveler,” as they’re called. Young halflings encountered anew are merely enjoying their wanderlust, and may still refer to themself as a “Traveler.”

It is a superstition never to gamble with a halfling, as they’re strangely lucky. While that is indeed a superstition, they do have a startling ability to seemingly get out of any pinch. Halflings say its their positive attitude, if questioned.


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