Humans are the most adaptive of all the races. That, paired with their comparitavely quick reproduction has caused them to become the most widespread of all races, dominating the majority of the Artician continent.

Humans have a strong sense of discovery, and are the forerunners of exploration. Because of that, they have split up into 2 main groups since their creation: The northern Mekarians, and the southern Volrunne.

The Mekarians formed as one large city, that came to absorb the smaller villages that laid about. It steadily grew more militarized, claiming and settling lands outward, but mostly southerly, avoiding the mountain ranges and seas that made expansion in those directions difficult.

The explorers who eventually reached the southern coast settled there, and the founder dubbed the region Volrunne after himself. The colony grew, capitalizing on the rich resources and fertile lands. Once again, it began to expand, mostly to the north, until the eventually bumped into Mekaria.

Culturally, the two nations are quite similar, but Mekaria is more militarized and technically advanced, where Volrunne is more relaxed, excepting of other cultures. Volrunne has less of a military presence, but has recently enacted required military training for its citizens as threat of war looms, as well as soldiers are needed to tame Kreatia, which they have since claimed.


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