The Legend of Creation

The twelve goddesses once resided in a great void, filled with the stuff of their domains. A paradise they could control and use however they liked.

One day, the goddesses grew bored wishing there was more to their existence than the gifts they could not share.

The goddesses then sacrificed themselves, their bodies, minds, and souls becoming the very world we live in.

Petra became the earth, and the celestial bodies high above.
Vewa became the oceans and the clouds in the sky.
Sindra became the sun to bring light and fire to keep darkness at bay.
Ira became the breeze and the air.
Aysi became the lights that dot the clouds, the energy to sustain things.
Kuyi became the gripping cold, the force to drive growth stronger.
Niva became simple life, plants and insects the cornerstone of all life.
Vita became complex life, the creatures that would rule the world.
Kisai became the wisdom and intelligence to guide life.
Vodi became the souls and lifestream to give purpose to life.
Myr became the the power life would have to change the world.
Lida became the rules that would govern the world itself.

Their bodies became our world. Their Souls became our purpose. Their memories are our quest.

The Legend of Creation

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