The Thygrae resemble elves, with long ears and thin frames, but have the same wild hair and eye colors the Arazari possess. However, almost all Thygrae are incredibly pale. Thygrae take things slow and methodical, taking advantage of their long lifespans to complete tasks with care and precision.

Thygrae seemingly have dulled emotions, but unlike the Arazari, their behavior is culturally enforced. They take pride in their prim and proper behavior, social standards being very important to them. They have complicated senses of etiquette, and have turned it into an art form of its own.

Art, to Thygrae, is intensely loved. Art is the only sociably acceptable means of expressing emotion, and will consider anything that evokes feeling or a reaction an art. While stricter Thygrae stick to classics such as art, music, or magic, looser Thygrae such as the middle or working classes find comedy a particularly important art, and love to laugh.

Thygrae are considered the worlds best in any art, human libraries dominated with Thygrae literature. And while Thygrae don’t have a taste for beer, they managed to best the Dwarves in wine at least.

Thygrae military is simply another art for them. Coordinating mock battles, and even the art of swordplay is done within a government-funded Warbrush guild. The Warbrush guild also coordinates and employs war mages, sorcerers that have studied magic suited for combat.

Indeed, magic is key to Thygrae society. While it is mostly used in a non-combat context, to a Thygrae anything and everything can be solved with magic; seedier mages use that creed to justify using magic to manipulate others.


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